Jazz at Pasar Gede Market

Jazz at Pasar Gede Market Solo

Jazz at Pasar Gede Market

A different sound was heard at the Pasar Gede market in Surakarta, Central Java, on Saturday when five jazz musicians used the unusual setting as a makeshift stage.

The jazz performance at the iconic market was held as a pre-event for Solo City Jazz which will be held on Sept. 27-28.

“Jazz at the market has been a concept of Solo City Jazz since its inaugural event in 2009,” the event artistic coordinator Heru Mataya said.

He said the market and Solo City Jazz were inseparable. As a public space, the market is an effective area for introducing and promoting jazz music and the event.

“In the end, the market has become the spirit of Solo City Jazz,” Heru said.

Organizers selected Triwindu antiques market as the venue in 2009 and 2012. The event was cancelled in 2010 because several areas such as Boyolali and Klaten regencies in the Greater Solo (Surakarta’s more popular name) area were affected by the Mt. Merapi eruption.

The annual jazz event returned in 2011 taking place at Sriwedari Park while this year the organizer has picked the Vastenburg Fort as the venue.

”Various groups of people visit the market. We want to tell the public that jazz is enjoyable to hear and not as complicated as they imagine,” said organizing committee chairwoman Wenny Purwanti.

Suharni, a vendor who has been selling fruit for 32 years in the market, said she was pleased with
the jazz performance. She said the pre-event made more people visit the market, which was already bustling every day, allowing her fruit to sell fast.

“We vendors are also entertained by the music. We are not bothered at all, in fact we are happy,” Suharni said.

“Perhaps because we are already familiar with the songs being played.”

The performers on Saturday at the market were also quite extraordinary. The Classica & Jazz Concerta is a group consisting of father, mother and three daughters.

Having performed in many festivals, the musicians felt it was quite special to perform at Pasar Gede.

”This is indeed an extraordinary experience,” said vocalist and keyboardist Classica Preludia.

“We usually perform on a special stage but now we are performing between the stalls and we can interact directly with the audience.”

Sun, September 15 2013
(source: thejakartapost.com/news/2013/09/15/jazz-pasar-gede-market.html)